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Weekly Digest: May 29, 2020

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How to Create Systems as a Music Entrepreneur

Every music entrepreneur needs to create systems. The only problem? It can feel like boring, uncreative work! This video helps you make a shift in your mindset and take it from a different perspective. That ought to produce a breakthrough in your system creation process.
Everyone assumes their mistakes are their low points, their blooper reels. That isn’t always the case. There are countless historical examples of people who invented amazing things by “mistake.” Your genius as an artist or entrepreneur might just be in the mistakes you make.
Only the best music business newsletter to come along in a while. Yeah, you heard right – a newsletter. This no B.S., no fluff newsletter will help you cut through the noise and get the inspiration you need every single week to move forward in your music career. This hype video might help sell you on it, too.
This week’s installment of The New Music Industry Podcast features an interview with Stefan Schulz of Bitfury Surround. “There’s more content than ever,” said Schulz. “And that means there should be more engagement than ever. But the numbers don’t match up.” A showstopping idea.
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Bandsintown LIVE rolled out forthcoming events for next week. Check out this post to find out when artists like Liz Longley, Olivia Lunny, Varun, Karen Harding, ATISH and others are performing.
This would be another rant via Music Entrepreneur HQ founder and CEO David Andrew Wiebe. We happen to think he’s on the right track and is doing everything right. But social media, as sexy as it might be, doesn’t always represent the “answer.”
Another blast from the past. This post via Music Entrepreneur HQ explains how musicians can use LinkedIn to promote their music.
Interestingly enough, the number of ways a musician could use LinkedIn has only increased since this post was originally published.

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Quotable from The Music Entrepreneur Code

Some seem opposed to utilizing any part of the system, but I think that’s baloney. Even as a music entrepreneur, you are never completely outside of the system. You can’t build your business by separating yourself from it. It’s just that you’re not 100% dependent on it.

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