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Flutin Puts Emerging Artists Where They Need to Be: In Music Fans’ Playlists

App boosts indie musicians via AI-powered playlists and engaging UX

Austin-based Christophe Lavigne had been working on his music for years, leading the rock band Arrows to Fire. Like a lot of indie artists, he’d done all he could, but the results were disheartening. An album’s worth of tracks on Spotify would garner less than 50 listeners.

Lavigne discovered Flutin, an app that tunes into users’ locations and habits, and things shifted. As his songs popped up in hundreds of thousands of users’ custom playlists, he got stream after stream, racking up half a million plays in just 10 days.

“Christophe had spent money on ads and boosts on social media, but was really struggling to find the right channel,” says Flutin CEO Vishu Gupta. “He was dealing with what lots of emerging musicians face in the market without a network. They struggle to find a relevant mass audience and build a financially viable career. On the other side, listeners who would love their music only se…

Cultivating Wild Data: How Entertainment Intelligence Is Bringing Meaningful Analytics to the Streaming-Age Music Business

It’s fun to talk about data, its ubiquity and importance. It’s not so fun to make sense of a billion lines of data from multiple service providers for an entire label roster.
That is unless you’re Greg Delaney, the founder and driving force behind data analytics platform Entertainment Intelligence (Ei). The service has been quietly helping independent labels and distributors work with data like the majors do, analyzing playlist performance, setting meaningful benchmarks, and tracking spikes that pop out of deep catalog. Clients include Domino, Secretly Distribution, Sub Pop, Epitaph, Naxos, Concord Music Group and Zebralution, among others.
“If the indies all get together, you can have the tools that rival, if not surpass, what the majors can do,” Delaney states. “It’s hard for a big company to pivot quickly, but smaller labels can, with our support”
After founding Crowdsurge, a global fan-club ticketing company that worked directly with artists like Paul McCartney and Foo Fighters, Dela…

Art+Logic Harnesses Technical Excellence and Design Elegance to Tackle Software and Hardware “Impossibles”

Art+Logic has been cultivating the creativity and skill required to navigate challenging software and hardware development projects for nearly 30 years. An all-remote team of North America-based developers and designers, the firm has worked with many household names, including Apple, Google, Trader Joe’s, and NASA, and with highly specialized companies doing everything from monitoring pipeline safety to assessing health risks.

Depending on whom you talk with at Art+Logic, the team might be working to use neural networks and machine learning to tag the mood of particular musical instruments, or they may be tackling a thorny testing issue that uses IoT to do away with destructive or manual testing on infrastructure. They have developed apps with clients that empower physically challenged theater lovers to see more plays, and they contribute major tools and insights to audio technology standards that guide entire industries.

Art+Logic tackles these challenges by zigging wher…

CD Baby Expands its Creator Services Team with Global Head of Promotions Addition

CD Baby continues its significant focus on and investment in the development of artists’ careers with the further growth of its Creator Services team, which empowers artists to maintain their independence, ownership rights and creative control with support and resources similar to a large record label.

The latest hire of Los Angeles-based Geoff Halliday brings creative project development skills and existing editorial relationships to lead release marketing for the rapidly expanding international team focused on providing artist/label services to its exclusive artist roster. Halliday joins the CD Baby Creator Services team as head of promotions and will oversee the company’s artist marketing globally. Halliday was previously Director of Digital Marketing at Red Light Management where he oversaw marketing and promotions for artists including Marshmello, ODESZA, Rhye, Bob Moses and Bassnectar, among others.

“Having spent years as an advocate for independent music and having worked across …

Play MPE Expands its Team to Bring Innovation to Content Distribution and Promotion

Play MPE is proud to announce the expansion of its tech team, including Sergei Berenson, the company’s new Director of Engineering.
“We are committed to super-serving our customers. Having a strong tech foundation is essential to achieving that,” explains Play MPE CEO Fred Vandenberg. “We’re recruiting creative and bright technological talents to continue to push our products to the next level.”
In an industry where technology and user experience are critical ,“We want to make content discovery and curation workflow feel effortless,” Vandenberg notes. 
The expanded tech team also includes three developers with extensive software development and testing experience, software developer Nasrin Shirali, frontend developer Rimika Datta, and Ashutosh Pandey, backend developer who brings machine learning expertise to the team. They will be led by Berenson, whose experience in leading development teams at technology companies like Autodesk, POF and Koho, a successful Fintech company based in Toro…

Spin the Wheel: Tracklib Teams Up with Mass Appeal, Brings Rhythm Roulette to All

Tracklib dares you to spin the wheel and play your own round of Rhythm Roulette, the fun challenge video series from Mass Appeal. And as a special nod to Tracklib, legendary East Coast hip-hop producer Rockwilder flipped a track from the online sampling library on the latest installment of the popular YouTube series.
Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette gets top producers to make a beat sampling three records picked at random (where the roulette part comes in). Over the past four years, the YouTube series has showcased producers’ technique and artistry, shining a light on what makes a producer great in a world that often favors emcees. Over a hundred producers--including Large Professor, Just Blaze, Erick Sermon, and DJ Jazzy Jeff, to name a few--have taken on the challenge so far.
The resulting videos are riveting and wildly popular, and now Tracklib wants to get its producer community to do more than watch. It has teamed up with Mass Appeal to give all producers the chance to play Rhythm Rou…

Isaac Hayes’s unreleased masters now available on Tracklib

On Wednesday night at the A3C Conference in Atlanta, Tracklib will announce a deal with the estate of soul legend Isaac Hayes to offer a select group of 20 unreleased songs on the site’s catalog. These tracks have never been released publicly, and, thus, represent a landmark catalog acquisition for Tracklib and a new way of mining the vaults for the Isaac Hayes estate. Now producers and artists can access this goldmine of previously unheard material, sample from it, and make new music.

Isaac Hayes III, son of the legend and manager of his estate, said that his father was “with it” when it came to sampling, which explains why he is one of the most sampled artists ever. Before his death, Hayes befriended key producers, including the RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan. Samples of Hayes’s material have always been part of soul and hip hop’s backbone, including recent hits like Alessia Cara’s “Here,” Kanye West’s “30 Hours,” and “6 Inch” by Beyonce.

The chance for aspiring producers…

The Ballad of “LoFi Rod”: How DashGo Became the Go-To Label Services Provider for a Young, Dynamic Genre

Behind some of the most popular LoFi playlists on the major streaming services is an unexpected figure, a music industry veteran in his golden years who just happens to adore the style’s blissful, beat-inflected sound. Dubbed “LoFi Rod,” Rod Linnum worked for decades at UMG before joining independent label services company DashGo.

The shift to digital distribution and data has led many to focus on the science and to forget the art of getting music to the right listeners. But music is not a widget that can be pushed indiscriminately from one place to another. It’s the product of people in scenes, trying to reach other people.

Rod knows this well, from years spent carefully building relationships with artists, labels, and other key industry figures. “I got into the rising tide of this music,” reflects Rod. “It was a scene filled with creative energy, but it was still pretty disorganized and scattered.” Rod and DashGo have worked to change that and bring artists more business and visibilit…

Blake McGrath - Breakthrough

US Recording artist Blake McGrath releases new Christian pop album ‘INNERvention’. Blake McGrath's career started as a professional dancer having appeared on TV-Shows like So You Think You Can Dance and MTV’s Dancelife. Since then he has released several successful albums and EPs with Spotify and YouTube with over 10 million play and still rising. Check out his IG profile as well and his music on Spotify and Apple Music.

Check it out on Apple Music.

Follow Blake on Instagram.

Major Music Streaming Services Comparison Chart [INFOGRAPHIC]

Enterprise-Strength Software for the Entertainment Business: Synchtank Brings Powerful Solutions to Large Companies Grappling with Metadata, Royalties, and Asset Management

Rights holders with large catalogs of entertainment assets face the daunting prospect of asset management, revenue maximization, and collecting fully on royalties, often measured in penny fractions. The scale is huge, the data messy, the payments complex. Rights users, on the other hand, face enormous compliance challenges when licensing content for use in production. Challenges that are further exacerbated by the ever-growing content landscape and the sheer volume of licenses required, pushing many major systems to breaking point. Synchtank has spent the past decade creating cloud-based software to tackle the specific needs of entertainment companies, untangling the threads of metadata and money. Its customers are divided into supply-side cases (rights owners like record labels and music publishers) and demand-side cases (rights users such as studios, brands, broadcasters and networks). Whether the focus is sync pitching, royalty administration or compliance management, the platform s…