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New Music Entrepreneur HQ Video: Stop Speculating

Money can be spent in a million different ways.

The only problem is that you can't play with money you don't have.

 Would it be better to focus on making the most of the resources already available to you?

That's what this new video, via Music Entrepreneur HQ, explains:

Battle for Christmas: Mariah Carey vs. Wham!

Pex’s Free Attribution Engine Empowers Rights Clarity for Online Video and Audio

Pex, the service that fingerprints, tracks, and attributes online audio and video content, has launched a powerful new product for content creators, rights-holders and platforms --completely free of charge.

The Attribution Engine (AE) allows content creators and rights-holders to register their video and audio library with AE and establish custom distribution and licensing rules for their content. This ownership information will be transmitted in appropriate form so that platforms understand who the original creators are. Any ownership conflicts will be settled through an efficient and transparent process to reduce friction and copyright trolling. All user accounts must be verified, and no anonymous activity is permitted. Users can register now for free by contacting

“We know the health and vitality of online content systems, spread across dozens of platforms, depends on a clear framework for claiming and protecting creator rights,” explains Amadea Choplin,…

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