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Flutin Announces Investment and Creative Collaboration with Indian Pop Star Sukhbir Singh

Indian pop icon and seasoned music professional Sukhbir Singh is partnering with international music app Flutin as an investor. He is also using the platform to support his latest artistic initiatives, employing the app’s powerful promotion and distribution.

“We are thrilled that Sukhbir has agreed to collaborate with us, both on the business and creative sides,” explains Flutin founder and CEO Vishu Gupta. “He sees how Flutin is bringing innovation to the music industry in India and around the globe, and how we’re bridging the gap for artists, especially those in the emerging category. Our commitment to these artists and their needs was a large part of what interested Sukhbir in our company.”

Singh has a storied career in music and film, thanks to music that embraces Punjabi bhangra and global pop sensibilities. He heard about Flutin and its independent ethos, and was intrigued.

“I’m partnering with Flutin as an investor and mentor,” Singh notes, “and I rarely find platfo…
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Paris, January 9 2020 – Midem, the home of the global music community, today announces the launch of the Midem Talent Explorer, the evolution of the reputed Artist Accelerator programme, into the ultimate career incubator for the global expansion of artists.
After five years of meaningful encounters, talent discoveries, and genuine success stories, the Midem Artist Accelerator is evolving into the Midem Talent Exporter. Looking to embrace its role as connector, Midem is reorienting its guidance from a mentorship programme to a business approach. The Midem Talent Exporter will spotlight 22 international emerging talents, selected through a free and open-to-all call for entries. This live matchmaking format will shine a light on the most promising export-ready talent and connect themwith today’s most influential, international talent buyers, including agents, promoters, festivals, media, PR, curators, music editors and A&…


Although the 62nd Grammy nominees for Best Solo Country Performance include industry powerhouses such as Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson and Tanya Tucker, the 2019 data dive suggests Tyler Childers was the most impressive performer by far.
Here’s why stats favor Childers. The data, provided by live music platform Viberate, paints a picture of each nominee’s yearly online performance in terms of popularity throughout major social media and streaming platforms (views, follows, plays, etc.). While all the nominees can boast a general growth in popularity, the stats suggest that Tyler Childers was the biggest growing performer of them all, and that “All Your’n” was the performance that cast the brightest online spotlight on its artist. Since “All Your’n” video was released, Childers’ average monthly YouTube engagement doubled (scoring more than 1M engagements). His social media and streaming channels showed immense growth this year, and jumps in popularity are consistent with the song’s release…

BMG signs deal with sampling service Tracklib

International music company BMG has signed a deal with Tracklib, the Stockholm-based sampling service that has revolutionized sample clearance. BMG will provide a selection of quality music from its massive catalog to be featured on Tracklib, where producers can sample the music and get straightforward clearance in a few clicks, something that historically could take months.  
It’s the latest step in Tracklib’s continuing mission to make music sampling and clearance easy, legal, and affordable. “It’s great to work with BMG, one of the most pro-active music companies in the world, to bring their amazing music to producers everywhere,” says Tracklib co-founder and CEO Pär Almqvist.

BMG VP Global Licensing Pete Gardiner said, “Actively licensing our recorded repertoire is a key service BMG offers. Tracklib offers a new outlet which promises to benefit everyone involved in sampling.”

Tracklib allows users to find, sample, and license recordings using a simple system with f…


Paris, January 16 2020 – Midem, the home of the global music community, today unveils the jury for Midemlab 2020, the leading music startup competition, that will now include a Live Music category.  Fresh for this year’s Midemlab is the brand new “Live Music Experiences” category. An addition introduced to reflect today’s music market and to spotlight the most innovative solutions for bands, fans, venues, producers and promoters. Midem Director, Alexandre Deniot, explains, “Live Music is a major part of the global music industry. Each year, nearly 50 artists perform live at Midem and, since 2018, we’ve run an annual Live Summit to better highlight this area of our market. We’re very excited to include a Live Music category in Midemlab to support and reward the most innovative startups in this sphere.” 
The Live Music sector has been constantly growing throughout the past decade and is expected to be worth $31bn worldwide by 2022, according to PwC. In the streaming age, live is one of th…