Friday, April 24, 2020

Weekly Digest: April 24, 2020

How to Make Viral TikTok Videos to Build Your Music Career

TikTok is all the rage right now. It’s only natural that musicians would begin to consider the possibilities. Would it be possible to promote their music on TikTok? Is it a good idea?
In this post via author, entrepreneur and musician David Andrew Wiebe, you won’t just discover how to make videos the TikTok community will go bonkers for. You’ll also figure out whether it’s worth putting your time and effort into.
Bandsintown reports on music fans’ opinion of live streaming

Early this week, we reported on Bandsintown’s recent findings on fan opinions regarding live streaming. The stats show both promise and challenges that need addressing, but it would appear most fans feel positively about it.
This week, as part of their Get Your Music Featured Program, Your Music Matters shared Joanna Drummond’s poignant “Alone Together” video, which features several musicians filming and recording their parts from different rooms.
Artists interested in getting featured on Your Music Matters should head over here.
Jordan Gates of Megaphone Agency has been sharing his thoughts on how to mitigate risk and hedge against uncertainty in the music industry amidst the pandemic scare. The post features a variety of tactics and techniques artists can readily employ, so for those not sure how to proceed in these strange times, this is a must read.
Music Entrepreneur founder, CEO, “undisputed champion of internet music marketing”, and quite possibly one of the music industry’s most prolific writers, David Andrew Wiebe reads the introduction from his latest book, The Music Entrepreneur Code, on the latest episode of The New Music Industry Podcast.

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