Monday, April 20, 2020

Bandsintown reports on music fans’ opinions of live streaming

During these strange and uncertain times, more and more musicians are turning to live streaming to engage and entertain fans.

This is understandable, considering how many musicians have had to cancel their gigging plans, with some even losing their primary source of revenue in one fell swoop.
But how are fans feeling about this (hopefully) temporary transition and new status quo?
Bandsintown’s fan survey features some rather interesting data, some of which we’ll highlight here.

40.9% of fans have never watched a live streaming concert before.

This would suggest that there is still a sizable market to tap into. Of course, it would be necessary to get to the bottom of why so many have never watched a live streaming concert.

25.2% of fans said they would check out live streaming concerts once or twice.

Meanwhile, 30.5% said they weren’t interested in live streaming concerts at all.

Live performances are what fans want to see most from artists.

Live streaming is rife with opportunity, but 96.7% of fans agreed, a live performance is what they would love to see most from their favorite artists.
Beyond that, 42% said they would watch pre-recorded shows, 35.6% said they would enjoy fan-selected sets, 33.6% showed interested in interviews and 31.3% said they would engage in a fan Q&A.

At 75.5%, YouTube is the preferred method of delivery for live streaming content.

Facebook came in at 48.2%, while Instagram came in third at 32.7%.
Other services mentioned include Zoom, Twitch, Twitter, StageIt, Patreon, Periscope and

Only 26.6% of fans said they liked interacting with other fans using chat boxes during live streams.

The other 73.4% don’t seem to care too much.

74% of fans said they would continue to watch live streams regularly after live shows return.

It seems a good chunk of people have had good experiences with live streams and want to keep watching them, even after venues and stages open again.

70.7% of fans said they’d be willing to pay a fee to access live streams.

There is still plenty of hope for artists wanting to generate revenue as events continue to unfold.

65.6% of fans said their eagerness to attend shows would not be affected by the pandemic.

But it seems quite a few people are still wary of what could happen.

“I can’t wait for concerts to come back!”

Fans left various comments regarding this survey, with most falling under one of seven categories.
But at Music Entrepreneur News, we resonate most with this one – that we simply can’t wait for concerts to come back.
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