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Paris, January 9 2020Midem, the home of the global music community, today announces the launch of the Midem Talent Explorer, the evolution of the reputed Artist Accelerator programme, into the ultimate career incubator for the global expansion of artists.
After five years of meaningful encounters, talent discoveries, and genuine success stories, the Midem Artist Accelerator is evolving into the Midem Talent Exporter. Looking to embrace its role as connector, Midem is reorienting its guidance from a mentorship programme to a business approach. The Midem Talent Exporter will spotlight 22 international emerging talents, selected through a free and open-to-all call for entries.
This live matchmaking format will shine a light on the most promising export-ready talent and connect them with today’s most influential, international talent buyers, including agents, promoters, festivals, media, PR, curators, music editors and A&Rs. They will also gain access to 10 music supervisors with the specific objective of building concrete business partnerships. 
In the words of Midem Director, Alexandre Deniot, “The initiative is a chance for artists to boost their careers internationally and for professionals seeking new talents to discover the best selection from all around the world! This is a real door-opener for up-and-coming artists, offering unique opportunities for showcasing their talent and connecting with valuable music professionals in the unique environment of the Midem Beach.”

The Midem Talent Exporter Programme
The initiative is a chance for artists to boost their careers internationally via the following opportunities:
1. Meeting with Talent Buyers and Music Supervisors From Around the World:
During a 20-minute speed-meeting, in the intimate setting of the Midem Beach Day Stage, making use of the state-of-the-art facilities to hand (PA/lighting/stage and crew) with a pitch and live demo showcase to global agents, promoters, festivals, curators, media, PR, music editors and A&Rs.
During the Global Sync & Brands Summit, artists will meet with leading music supervisors from film, TV, gaming, agencies and brands. Registration will be limited to one only for each artist’s label or publisher. This opportunity will be by invitation only and subject to availability (100 places).
2. Learning, Networking and Discovering Solutions for Artists:
By taking advantage of the tailor-made programme for artists at the Artist Hub, with professional training, knowledge-sharing, and discussions about the artist’s status and its inherent challenges. 
By socialising with peers against the backdrop of the stunning Midem Beach, the chill-out and creative space near the Palais des Festivals. 
By discovering the latest career-boosting artist services at the world’s first global platform: the Midem Artist & Label Services Forum.
3. Privileged Access to Special Programmes* (by invitation only):
The opportunity to be shortlisted as an artist eligible for specific creation and learning programmes open only to participants by selection or invitation, including:
  • The Songwriting Camp, Dynaudio Recording Studios, and more.
  • Exclusive workshops organised by leading music industry brands, such as Spotify.

Selection Criteria
The Midem Talent Exporter is open to artists/bands, managers, publishers, labels, agents and promoters from around the world who would like to submit an artist/band to benefit from the programme. The artist/band must meet the following criteria:
  • Be an individual artist or a band
  • Be 18 years old or over
  • Be export-ready
  • Demonstrate a creative personality and attitude
  • Present original musical creation (audio and/or video). No sampling or unauthorised use of copyright-protected material will be accepted. The track(s) can be acoustic, electronic, instrumental or feature vocals. 
  • Have a dedicated professional supporting team of at least one person (manager, label, agent, etc.)
  • Be represented by a company (label, publisher, agent). The artist can represent themselves if they have legal status
  • Have a minimum of five official live performances booked between 2019 and 2020
  • Show media coverage and a solid presence on social media channels
  • Present a career development strategy (including export) with concrete short and long-term objectives
  • Be looking for potential partners, especially for export

The artist/band’s artistic merits and latest news will also be taken into consideration.

Tips for Artists - What are the Buyers Looking for in the Midem Talent Exporter? 

“Goosebumps. Singularity.” - Damien Chamard Boudet, VP Promoter, Live Nation (France)

“From a news perspective, we’re always looking for artists with a unique or compelling story to tell.” Mark Savage, Music reporter, BBC News (UK)

“Authenticity is extremely important, artists have to be genuine in their lyrics/sound...The good news is there is not one formula for all emerging artists, there are so many ways to catch our eye/ears...nothing beats seeing an artist perform live and blowing you away.” – Parul Chokshi, Senior Director of Talent, Vevo (USA)

“Boldness, imperfection, authenticity, which are, for me, 3 essential components for music to rise above the noise.” Rachel Cartier, Music Editor, Deezer (France)

“I'm in search of entertaining artists that make us think differently.” Severin Merad, Head of Music Programming EMEA, Napster

Key Midem Talent Exporter Dates

09 Jan 2020: Call for Entries Opens 
01 March 2020: Call for Entries Closes
Mid-March 2020: Initial Selection
Mid-April 2020: Second Selection Round

List of Talent Buyers Confirmed To Date
  • Adam Lewis, Founder, Planetary Group (USA)
  • Anika Mottershaw, A&R, Bella Union (UK)
  • Cyril Bahsief, Founder & Promoter, Öctöpus (France)
  • Christian Allex, Founder, Timon Samplar (France)
  • Damien Chamard Boudet, VP Promoter, Live Nation (France)
  • Etienne Ziller, Head of Booking, Asterios Spectacles (France)
  • Joe Chialo, Senior Vice President A&R Universal Music Central Europe & Africa (Germany)
  • Mark Savage, Music Journalist, BBC News (UK)
  • Michael Frohoff, Co-Founder, Kruger Media (Germany) 
  • Parul Chokshi, Senior Director of Talent, Vevo (USA)
  • Patrik Larsson, Head of A&R, Playground Music Scandinavia (Sweden)
  • Peer Steinwald, Senior A&R, Budde Music (Germany)
  • Rachel Cartier, Music Editor, Deezer (France)
  • Rob Hallett, Founder, Robomagic (UK)
  • Severin Merad, Head of Music Programming Europe Middle East Africa, Napster (France)
  • Virág Csiszár, Head of Booking, Sziget Cultural Management (Hungary)
  • Willy Ehmann, Founder, Shaullauge (Germany)
  • Wyclef Jean, Artist & Producer (USA)
Click Here To Apply for the Midem Talent Exporter


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