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Although the 62nd Grammy nominees for Best Solo Country Performance include industry powerhouses such as Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson and Tanya Tucker, the 2019 data dive suggests Tyler Childers was the most impressive performer by far.

Here’s why stats favor Childers.
The data, provided by live music platform Viberate, paints a picture of each nominee’s yearly online performance in terms of popularity throughout major social media and streaming platforms (views, follows, plays, etc.). While all the nominees can boast a general growth in popularity, the stats suggest that Tyler Childers was the biggest growing performer of them all, and that “All Your’n” was the performance that cast the brightest online spotlight on its artist.
Since “All Your’n” video was released, Childers’ average monthly YouTube engagement doubled (scoring more than 1M engagements). His social media and streaming channels showed immense growth this year, and jumps in popularity are consistent with the song’s release. Moreover, Childers is the only one in the group who managed to consistently pump up his numbers by at least + 50%, rivalled only by Ashley McBryde as a close second (she is also the second youngest contender in this category) and two veteran instances: Tanya Tucker’s impressive 127% rise in Instagram fan growth this year, and Willie Nelson doubling his monthly YouTube engagements compared to 2018. 

Rumors also speak in Childers’ favor.
Granted, “All Your’n” is considered an unusual entry. It’s also competing with Blake Shelton’s mammoth hit “God’s Country”, and Tanya Tucker, who triumphantly returns to the Grammy stage with the 14th nomination of her impressive career. Still - Tucker is rumored to finally snatch her first Grammy, and since she is nominated in 4 categories, there’s a very good chance she will win the prestigious “Country Album of the Year” instead. 
Combining that with the fact that Grammy juries tend to intentionally overlook massive radio hits in favor of more “exciting” work, and that Country music scene has been vocally championing women and younger (non-Nashville) talent in recent years, it is very possible that Childers will take his first Grammy this January – and the stats shown in this infographic prove he’d deserve it.


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