Friday, August 30, 2019

AllTrack Hires Former Tunecore CMO Lise Barbanti to Lead Marketing Efforts

AllTrack, the PRO for independent creators, has hired highly experienced marketing executive Lise Barbanti as VP of Marketing. Formerly the CMO of Tunecore, Barbanti has operated in a wide array of industries, spearheading marketing efforts at organizations ranging from global enterprises to groundbreaking small businesses.

Recently, she has devoted herself to startups, where potential customer education is key. “The companies I’ve worked for over the last two decades have all been in the business of disrupting their industries,” Barbanti reflects. “Most recently, I’ve been able to work with startups that were doing something that their industry had never done before,” including a platform that enables e-commerce sites to establish subscription features and a platform providing lightning-fast insurance underwriting solutions.

A thread runs through these diverse businesses, one Barbanti is embracing in her new role at America’s newest and most tech-driven PRO: educating people and removing layers of distance and complexity between customers and their ultimate goals. In this case, Barbanti and her team are hoping to reach independent music creators and inform them of their performing rights--and the royalties that go with them.

“In marketing, you take the mission defined by the CEO and craft clear and impactful messages around that,” reflects Barbanti. “AllTrack’s message and mission are clear. Independent artists, writers, composers and producers are often only partially aware of their rights. They typically don’t know about every financial opportunity available to them, and as a result they’re missing out on certain royalty streams. We hope to educate them and help them solve this dilemma as related to performing rights in a very easy way.”

AllTrack’s ease of use is very purposeful. The company is built to be radically more efficient and attuned to self-managed, single-first, and other non-traditional artists. “I’m excited to be able to work with such a dynamic team at bringing new era ideas and technology to the performing rights industry,” Barbanti notes.

“Lise has years of experience reaching out to consumers requiring new-era solutions, but who may not know where to start. And, she’s had a great deal of experience working with the very people AllTrack is built to service, independent music creators,” says Hayden Bower, founder and CEO of AllTrack. “We’re thrilled to have someone who truly understands the details of our industry leading our efforts to reach our core users, who have often been overlooked until now.”

About AllTrack

AllTrack is the first full service global performing rights organization (PRO) established to represent independent music creators – artists, songwriters, composers, producers and publishers. Its mission is to maximize compensation to its creator base by focusing on licensing their music and collecting their performance royalties from millions of potential commercial music users across the globe. AllTrack’s creators are compensated when their songs are performed by streaming services, TV, cable, radio and when their songs are played in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and hundreds of other types of businesses. AllTrack’s creators are also compensated when their songs are publicly performed live. An AllTrack license is an efficient, fair and ethical means for businesses to both utilize the music of its creators and comply with global copyright law. Through the ongoing development and use of cutting-edge technology designed to eliminate inefficiencies, AllTrack is committed to providing a near effortless compliance solution for creators and businesses, resulting in a hyper-efficient, fair and balanced marketplace for all. Please visit to learn more.

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