Thursday, July 30, 2020

Surround Hires Ethereum Pioneer and Experienced Software Exec George McIntyre as CTO

Surround, the blockchain-powered ecosystem for the music business, is announcing its newest hire, George McIntyre, who is joining the company as CTO. A seasoned developer, McIntyre has decades of experience, including in digital media and blockchain, leading teams at companies like Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. 

“We’re excited to have George with us. His work dovetails well with everything we have planned for Surround in the coming months,” says Stefan Schulz, Surround CEO. 

An experienced CTO and Systems Architect, McIntyre’s experience spans all software engineering domains and levels. He has been developing software for over 35 years for leading software companies including Oracle, Microsoft and IBM and collaborated with top academic institutions thanks to projects at Stanford and MIT. He has also worked to develop new digital media codecs and formats. Accustomed to managing 100+ engineers and multi-million dollar budgets, McIntyre is no stranger to the executive table. 

“With his background as both an executive and a developer, George brings the right balance of technical and management savvy to our company,” Schulz explains. “He was also an early pioneer of Ethereum and other blockchain technologies with hands-on expertise in the crypto space, making him ideally placed to lead the Surround technology group.”

“I’m delighted to be taking up this new position and I’m looking forward to helping to drive the next phase of Surround’s evolution and growth,” McIntyre says.“Technology is set to completely revolutionize the way the business of media is carried out, and Surround will be the platform that will finally make a seamless interoperable marketplace a reality. I’m thrilled to get the chance to work with such an experienced team of industry veterans to make this dream a reality."

About Surround

Bitfury Surround was founded in January 2019 and tackles the challenges of artists and other stakeholders in the music industry. The Surround platform is a fully interoperable digital ecosystem for the exchange and monetization of copyrights. Surround is an asset management and commerce platform for music IP that will offer a copyright control center and a music technology marketplace. It will improve economic opportunities for the entire music industry by providing multiple blockchain-based management services, including the secure transfer of copyright assets. Surround’s goal is to significantly increase the value of copyrights and strengthen trust, transparency and efficiency.

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