Thursday, July 30, 2020

Joy Ruckus Club Takes Over Bandsintown LIVE, Highlights Young Progressive Asian-American Artists

Two days, all genres. All donations go to support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement

Bandsintown is teaming up with Koreatown-based label Red Kloud Society to convene the Joy Ruckus Club (, a streaming festival led by and celebrating young Asian American artists, their many perspectives, and their collective support of Black Lives Matter. The festival will stream on Bandsintown LIVE August 1 and 2, 2020, going from 7pm-3am ET/4pm-12am PT on Saturday August 1, and 5pm-1:30am ET/2pm-10:30pm PT on Sunday August 2.

The Joy Ruckus Club artists originate from all over North America and span genres from hip hop to experimental indie pop. That, says the festival organizers, was by design. “We selected artists from all major regions of America and Canada (and a few territories abroad), representing the diversity of the Asian American ethnic diaspora,” explains Red Kloud founder and festival organizer Kublai Kwon. “Joy Ruckus Club made an effort to find new young faces in the Asian American scene. This event will break new talent and push the culture forward. Joy Ruckus Club curated a lineup of specifically progressive-minded Asian American artists who wanted to perform in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.”

This show of solidarity and support, while showcasing the creativity and diversity of the community, resonates with Bandsintown’s vision for livestreaming as a medium that can connect fans with artists in new, intimate ways. “This event, with its mission, creativity, and ability to bring people together, is the kind of initiative we were hoping to encourage when we started Bandsintown LIVE, says Fabrice Sergent, Managing Partner of Bandsintown. “It’s connecting people around a significant cause, in a way that would have been challenging in real life. The potential of livestreaming is especially exciting for emerging artists who long to find common ground with kindred spirits and new listeners.”

Kwon agrees: “No one wants to be locked down, but with the rise of the feasibility of livestreaming events such as Joy Ruckus Club, the opportunity to include a wide geographic distribution of artists in one event has become possible in ways that a live event could not easily pull off,” he reflects. “So with livestreaming, Joy Ruckus Club can influence, with a minimum of expense, a unified Asian American culture across the entire North American continent, which would be very difficult and expensive to do with a live concert.”
For more information about the event, please visit the Joy Ruckus Club website at or the Bandsintown LIVE platform at
The Joy Ruckus Club Lineup
Day 1 (Hip hop; August 1)
Streaming on Bandsintown LIVE from 7pm-3am ET/4pm-12am PT

Micah Street
DJ Hannah Enoy
K Park
Chow Mane
Jason Chu
Dane Amar
Jackie Faye
Alan Z
The WHOevers
Scope G
Aryan Kapoor
Pzycho Sid x Critz x Ashtin
Lil Lonely
Day 2 (Rock, R&B, Pop, Acoustic; August 2)

Streaming on Bandsintown LIVE from 5pm-1:30am ET/2pm-10:30pm PT

Katherine Ho
Joel Kim Booster
Xuan Nghi
Cheryl K
Ellie Lee
Juliette Louie
Mike Park
HMLT x Kei-Li
Goldawn Won
DJ Seduza
DJ Gieezy
Elise Mas
Kyu Hun Han
St. Lenox
Nono Chen

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About Red Kloud Society
Joy Ruckus Club is a COVID-era Asian American virtual festival organized by Red Kloud Society, a Koreatown, L.A.-based record label founded by Kublai Kwon in 2015. A pioneering architect of the Asian American music scene, Kublai Kwon has been active from his base in Los Angeles since 2001, having launched his career as the concert promoter behind the Asian Hip Hop Summit which eventually expanded to become an annual festival tour spanning all of North America.

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