Wednesday, April 29, 2020

BandPay Joins Family of Supporters of Pensado’s Place, the Hub for Audio Pros

BandPay (, the milestone-based payment platform, is announcing its recent deal to support Pensado’s Place, the popular YouTube channel for audio professionals. Led by Dave Pensado, it’s a hub for the audio engineering community.

“We know that engineers are the heart of the recording industry,” says BandPay founder and co-CEO DeCarlos Garrison. “We built BandPay to help serve them and to build more trust into the deals they strike every day.”

Teaming up with Pensado was a natural way to reach audio professionals. Over the last four decades, Dave Pensado helped artists craft platinum records, winning a Grammy for his work. Since 2011, he and collaborator Herb Trawick have used their weekly show to share the tricks of the trade and to highlight their fellow engineers and producers, whose work is essential, fascinating, and often underrecognized. They have built a notable audience, with 225K subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.

“A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into the music we hear, and BandPay wanted to be a part of what Dave and Herb have created,” Garrison notes. “We wanted to show this community how to make collaborations go more smoothly from a financial perspective.”

BandPay can empower more productive studio work by smoothing out the rough edges of project planning and negotiation. The app uses milestones, mutually agreed upon tasks with deadlines and payment amounts, to release guaranteed funds from one party to another. The milestone system prevents misunderstandings, time-consuming follow ups, and losses, when the work is done, but payment is lagging.

About BandPay
BandPay is redefining how musicians get paid. The app helps creative collaborators set milestones, release guaranteed funds when those milestones are reached, and keep focused on what really matters: making music. Founded by a Florida-based duo, one a music business veteran and one an experienced developer, BandPay provides a simple solution for the complicated problem of work-for-hire and handshake contracts.

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