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Music Tectonics Conference Stakes Claim at the Epicenter of Music and Technology

A Blockchain Cage Match, an A.I. Talent Show, and everything you need to know about voice interfaces and music will shake up L.A. in October.

The first annual Music Tectonics Conference in Los Angeles October 28-29, 2019, is a destination event for innovators in music and technology. The conference speaker lineup brings together thinkers, doers and investors to explore the seismic shifts that are shaping the business of music. Labels, managers, publishers, tech companies, and startups will come together to map the new terrain.

Music Tectonics is designed to promote cross-industry meeting, dealmaking, and big-picture conversations about music tech innovation. Conference goers will get to:

  • Party at Warner Music Group’s new DTLA digs.
  • Cheer on blockchain skeptics and enthusiasts, refereed by NWA's Arabian Prince.
  • Hear what A.I. music creation apps and platforms can really do, emceed by The Verge’s Dani Deahl.
  • Learn from music tech investors, moderated by writer and podcaster Cherie Hu.
  • Get a bird’s-eye view of the music tech landscape with Mark Mulligan of MIDiA Research
  • Find out what voice interface experts from Pandora, Google, and Soundhound want the music biz to know.
  • Keep the vibe alive the next day at A2IM’s SynchUp.

“Too many conversations about the future of the music industry are happening in siloes,” says Dmitri Vietze, conference organizer, Music Tectonics podcast host, and CEO of rock paper scissors inc., a music tech PR firm. “Take blockchain. Blockchain fans have their own conferences about how it will change systems, including music. What will happen when they sit down with music industry skeptics to really talk about how blockchain might innovate music? That’s the kind of energy and creative connection we need as an industry, to move into the next era of innovation, business, and music making.”

Music Tectonics kicks off October 28 with a reception at Warner Music Group’s new Downtown Arts District headquarters. Attendees will get a coveted glimpse of the label’s dynamic new space in a dramatically redesigned historic building. 

On October 29, conference goers will convene at the Skirball Cultural Center (2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049; free parking) for a jam-packed day, going beneath the tremors shaking up the daily news about music and technology to grasp the big picture. 
Keynote speaker Mark Mulligan, head of MIDiA Research, is known for crystallizing insight (and infographics) from deep dives into music industry data. A counterpoint to sensationalist headlines about robot music, an A.I. talent show emceed by music tech journalist (and accomplished DJ/producer) Dani Deahl will show off music creation apps and platforms powered by artificial intelligence. 

Breakout sessions will explore the shape of things to come. “Music Like Air,” for example, brings together experts from Pandora, Google, and Soundhound to demystify music discovery and listening as voice interfaces replace physical input and visual displays. Investors in the music technology space, including Zach Katz of Raised in Space, Larry Marcus of Marcy Venture Partners, and Rishi Patel of Plus 8 Equity, will tell startups what it takes to secure funding in a real talk-filled session moderated by Cherie Hu, insightful music tech writer and podcaster. Other sessions will explore new music-related copyright legislation, the latest music marketing tools, innovative listening experiences, new approaches to licensing, the future of live streaming, and more. 

Finding meaningful trends and stories in seemingly scattered scenes has obsessed Vietze and the team at rock paper scissors since the company began diving into music tech. With years of music technology PR and event planning expertise, rock paper scissors has built a network of experts across the music and technology spectrum who are looking for a new kind of conversation and engagement. “If this is a standard music industry conference, shoot me now,” says Vietze. “Imagine a place where decision-makers and innovators get down to the real issues over drinks and laughter. That’s where we are headed with our first year’s conference.”

Registration is open now at, along with a growing list of confirmed speakers. The conference is sponsored by CD Baby, AdRev, and Hydric, along with LyricFind, HFA, Qobuz, and Playlist Push.

Music Tectonics is partnering with A2IM’s 5th annual SynchUp event on October 30 at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica. The gathering now focuses on digital capacity as well as sync licensing. More information at A2IM members can get discounts on Music Tectonics badges and bundled tickets when buying through A2IM.

Blockchain Cage Match refereed by NWA's Arabian Prince
A.I.s Got Talent (talent show) emceed by The Verge's Dani Deahl 
The Investor Panel moderated by Cherie Hu
The State of Music Tech Startups Keynote by Mark Mulligan
Optimizing Music for Voice and Discovery
Rethinking Royalties
Labels Share Digital Marketing Tips and Tools
How Startups Can Work with Majors and Distributors
Innovations in Listening Experiences
How to Partner with DSPs
The Accelerator Panel
Music and New Social Video Formats
Music Modernization Act Update
...and several more

Universal Music Group
Warner Music Group
Marcy Venture Partners
Raised in Space Enterprises
Plus Eight Equity Partners
Capitol Records
Art + Logic
New West Records
Verifi Media
Amadeus Code
...and many more


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