Tuesday, June 16, 2020


 Partnership to help retailers with new audio capabilities
LOS ANGELES (June 16, 2020) — Super Hi-Fi, the AI-powered audio platform that creates engaging digital music listening experiences, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Octave Group, a leading provider of music and branded entertainment experiences in retail, bars, and restaurants. The agreement will enable Octave Group, including PlayNetwork and TouchTunes, to offer selected Super Hi-Fi music technology in a fully integrated solution.
“Octave Group’s focus on creating meaningful, emotional connections with music for brands strongly aligns with our mission to build next generation listening experiences,” said Zack Zalon, co-founder and chief executive officer at Super Hi-Fi. “We are excited for the relationship with Octave Group and the opportunity it presents us to help significantly improve the overall retail music experience.”
In addition, Super Hi-Fi offers a wide range of capabilities including perfect song transitions, dynamic insertion of audio ads and promotional content, sonic branding, interstitials, audio news and podcast snippets, all perfectly stitched together for a high quality, fully produced result.
“Our singular purpose at Super Hi-Fi is to help digital music providers deliver better experiences to their customers,” says Zalon. “We are truly looking forward to working together with Octave Group and collectively delivering on that purpose.”
For more information about Super Hi-Fi’s services and technology, please visit http://superhifi.com/.
About Super Hi-Fi
Super Hi-Fi uses artificial intelligence to improve the digital listening experience by transforming gaps between songs into relevant and personalized content. The company’s patented technology is capable of understanding the infinite nuances within music with the expertise of a human DJ to improve transitions between content and create better extensions of digital brands. The result is perfectly transitioned streams of music, podcasts, interviews, news, weather, branding, advertisements, and other audio content. Based in Los Angeles, California, Super Hi-Fi is integrated by digital brands like Sonos, iHeart Radio, Peloton, and Napster, and has partnerships with such companies as TargetSpot, Universal Music Group, and The Associated Press.
Media Contact:
Ali Scott
rock paper scissors, inc.
(317) 507-9572
About Octave Group
At Octave Group, we believe in the power of music and media to inspire emotional connections in shared spaces, enhancing the way people interact with each other and with their surroundings.  Our offerings include TouchTunes, the pioneer in crowd-sourced music and entertainment featured in bars, restaurants and other shared spaces, and PlayNetwork, the leader in helping brands create emotional connections with their customers through music and media, in-store and beyond. ​
We reach more than 100 million consumers globally every day through 450+ brands, 185,000 locations and 2,500 local partners. Octave Group has offices in New York, Montreal, Chicago, Seattle, London, Columbus, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Santiago, and Sydney.​
Visit us at www.theoctavegroup.com and follow us on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/octave-group

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