Friday, May 22, 2020

Bandsintown LIVE Celebrates Memorial Day With A Special Live Stream Concert On Country & Americana Show OUTSKIRTS

OUTSKIRTS brings weekly intimate performances from the best voices in country, folk, and Americana as part of Bandsintown LIVE’s newly expanded programming.

Live shows and an intimate connection with the audience are the lifeblood and livelihood of country, folk, and Americana artists. As concerts remain in limbo, Bandsintown is helping artists spark that connection in new ways.

As part of Bandsintown LIVE, the wildly successful daily music channel, the live performance discovery platform hosts OUTSKIRTS, a dedicated country, folk and Americana show that presents performances from emerging and established artists every Monday.

Bandsintown LIVE "Outskirts"
Kickoff Lineup for Monday, May 25, 2020

2pm ET / 11am PT: Mary Gauthier
3pm ET / noon PT: Birds of Chicago
4pm ET / 1pm PT: No. 1 Knife (joint project by Sally Jaye + Brian Wright)
5pm ET / 2pm PT: Jonathan Byrd and The Pickup Cowboys
Hosted by Wild Ponies

Memorial Day provides the perfect opportunity to gather a powerful lineup of spirited performers, beginning with Mary Gauthier, who's most recently released Grammy nominated album Rifles + Rosary Beads exclusively features songs co-written with American soldiers.

“It is my great pleasure to be able to jump on the Bandsintown platform to play a live show for folks on Memorial Day. As a traveling troubadour who usually plays well over 100 shows a year, being grounded has been a challenge. I am making the most of this time, but playing for folks is what I was put here to do,” says Mary Gauthier. “On May 25th, I look forward to singing several of the songs I co-wrote with veterans and their families, and talking about the experience of working with wounded veterans through the SongwritingWith:Soldiers program.”

The livestream, hosted by Nashville duo Wild Ponies, will celebrate the community of artists and fans who need each other right now, while honoring the contributions of veterans and their families to our country. It will feel as friendly as a backyard barbeque and as musically satisfying as your favorite festival, all from the comfort and safety of home.

“We made a deal as artists that we’d be there for our community when they need us. It’s an important part of what we do, maybe the most important part,” reflects Doug Williams of Wild Ponies. “We might not be able to climb up on a big festival stage right now, but thanks to Bandsintown, we can do this! It’s going to feel really good to hang out and talk with some friends, even through a computer screen.”

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